Maria Dunn and Team at RSM

RSM Mixer: Friday June 9th

Local Non-Profits invited to RSM's Annual Mixer



We had a blast meeting Maria Dunn and the Team of RSM.  Over discussions we had an opportunity to taste some delicious treats prepared by Kirby's Steakhouse.

RSM Mixer


Non-Profits from all over San Antonio were invited to RSM's Mixer to recieve laptops donated by RSM.  The Laptops are part of RSM's initiative to give back to it's communities through local non-profits.  Each organization was given an opportunity to discuss their goals and fill us in on their mission and their contribution to the organization...

RSM Mixer

Give Aways

Now on to the fun stuff.  The organizations that participated each received a minimum of  two Dell Laptops to help deliver the mission.  Jose and Rodney accepted 3 new laptops on behalf of SA Clubhouse along with two laptop bags.  Overall we'd say this was an unexpected blessing and we are grateful for RSM's contribution to our team.  Since Friday, we've worked on connecting the Dells to our network and have given Jen Cardenas(1) and Member Services Team(2) the additional laptops, as they needed upgrades to their current workforce.

Contributors on the scene!!!



Jose works in the medialab as a developer and coach of technologies.  His role is teaching members the ins and out of utilizing technologies such as email, smart-phones, MS Office Suites, creating accounts, web development and much more.  Our members are so glad to have him at SA Clubhouse.



Rodney is a one of a kind guy!  You can find Rodney working with Member Services to provide our members out of this world service.  Rodney enjoys data entry, answering phone calls and helping others.  Rodney's expertise is spreadsheets and streamlining operations.  SA Clubhouse has a true servant at heart within Rodney.

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