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What we do..

We’re a small non-profit that works with adults with mental illness.  Check out the rest of our website to learn more about our organization and how we work.  The short-version of it: we’re a non-profit primarily run by individuals with a history of mental illness.

Our job is to create a supportive “learning environment” where our member-volunteers can gain skills and confidence as they work to regain or maintain their mental wellness.  We have a small program staff (about 8 people) and we have about 60 members who volunteer with us each day.



"It's about gaining confidence, it's about becoming successful within yourself..."

What it's like to work in a clubhouse


Our Open Roles

These are the roles for which we're currently hiring:

Director of Programs

San Antonio Clubhouse is seeking an energetic and dedicated individual to serve as our Clubhouse Director of Programs, overseeing the daily operations of our Clubhouse Work-Ordered Day (WOD) program.  You’ll work with, and receive support from, the rest of the organization’s management team (Executive Director, CFO, Operations Director), but you’d be the individual primarily responsible for managing the Clubhouse WOD program.  {read more}

Staff Generalist

As a Staff Generalist, you'll be responsible for engaging members in all aspects of clubhouse operations. This engagement is performed by helping members to experience a sense of belonging and being needed in the clubhouse community, with a focus on strengths, talents, and interests. {read more}

Clubhouse Leadership Intern Program

The Clubhouse Leadership Intern Program (CLIP) is an opportunity to perform transformative work in support of mental health, while also learning about the inner-workings of a strong non-profit.  You’ll be part of a small, friendly, and close-knit team.  {read more}


If you're interested in working at the SA Clubhouse but don't see a job fit here, then please reach out to with an e-mail explaining why you want to work with us, and why you think you would be a good fit for our community.